Optimal financial solutions for your company

Debt advisory services

KAVERE Corporate Finance BV is an independent corporate finance boutique, specialized in structuring and arranging (re)financing solutions for companies. Clients are offered the best expertise with regard to all forms of corporate financing. E.g. in addition to senior bank debt, the consultants of KAVERE Corporate Finance have ample experience in mezzanine financing and equity.

We speak the language of the bankers

This is not surprising, because we ourselves are former bankers. We ourselves, as former account managers working at various banks, were responsible for the financing of your company. We know better than anyone else what is required to get a credit application approved and how to get the best conditions available in the market. We have ample experience in both SMEs and the large corporate segment.
Another advantage of our background at various banks is that we have very good access to the relevant departments and stakeholders within the banks.

We know the world of investors

Through our years of corporate finance / investment banking experience, gained at the Amsterdam Zuidas, we know and have very good access to the various private equity firms, family offices, informal investors, parties active in (subordinated) debt and so on. As a result, we are able to efficiently and effectively arrange an optimal financing solution for your company.

KAVERE Corporate Finance is involved in e.q. the following situations:

-  Growth and refinancing: expiring credit facilities, new financing needs/required facilities. Bilateral financing (s) or club or syndicate loans (extended LMA documentation experience). Asset based financing such as lease and factoring
-  Restructuring or renegotiations/amendments: covenants waivers and renegotiations/amendments, expansion and improvement of facilities, required changes in collateral
-  Technical Debt Advisory: capital structure evaluation, advice on credit documentation
-  Acquisition, leveraged buy-outs (LBO), management buy-outs (MBO): acquisition financing, stapled financing.
Within our organisation we combine many years of experience in M&A and capital/debt structuring. Therefore we can arrange and structure the entire M&A transaction and also arrange the financing.

Stadslandschap met denkende man

Would an increase in leverage be possible and advisable? Decrease of yearly debt service? Are lease and factoring interesting alternatives? Can credit spreads go down? Can collateral be released? Would more flexibility be possible? And if so, under what conditions? Can this be provided by current capital provider(s), or should other parties be approached and/or other capital markets be tapped? KAVERE Corporate Finance can help you answering these questions.

For example, do you consider an acquisition or management buy-out? Often the possibilities, even with your existing financiers, are greater than you think. Prerequisite is a good and clearly written financing memorandum / request for proposal, based on sharp analysis and written in the 'language of financiers'.